Friday, December 09, 2005

Last post of the semester

This is my last post of the semester, but it won't be the last on my blog. Once I assess how I want use my blogger I will continue on. I figured I'd end the semester with some rhymes I've written in the past. They are supposed to go to a beat but I haven't been able to do that yet. The following is just in its raw form with no defined organization, in other words it's not written in verses, so please excuse me for that.

Everyday I look and see people who don't know what they want to be. Looking into the future everything seems foggy. Blessed are the peacemakers is what I'm told, but in order to be truly bold you have to look inside yourself. Peace is held within. Learn how to release your delf, in other words just be yourself. My people are walking blind, knowing that our kind has a different mind in a different land. The universe was made by our hand, but we can't wake up and make a stand. All we know is incarceration, misinterpretation, and no inspiration. My knowledge is making your mind molten. You robbed Africa of its most prized jewels, its self-righteousness. Not only are you taking its people but also its children. You make a cauldron of sin. Evil is all it's been. It's time to change this trend, why do we tend to make our enemy our friend. Through them the truth is bent, that's why through God a messenger is sent. I know I ain't the only one that feel this way, so why do we keep going astray. The only thing left to do is pray, but then we begin to ask who is Him. We loose ourselves in this neverending cycle of finding self. It's time to start the diffusion of this confusion. This struggle is bruisin, stop cruisin through life like it has no meaning. Wake up to the knowledge of who you are and you can stop the bleeding. You are the star whose light's shone out. We are in a drought. Deprived of vital nutrients to let our minds expand. Walkin' around in a desert sand. Can you feel the heat? That's not the sun, but your inner desire to let the world recognize your fire.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

My Wolf Eye Design

I created this on corel. These are the eyes of a wolf, my favorite animal. They live in packs and are very intelligent creatures. I read that the wolf is always pushing itself to its limits, and that's what I want to do. They have the piercing eyes of a hunter like they know what your going to do next. Like the wolf I am always trying to stay one step ahead.

The stars, as the pupils of the eyes, represent justice. The crescent around the right eye represents equality, and the sun around the left eye represents freedom. As a member of the Nation of Islam these are the symbols of our flag, that represent the universe.

On the forehead is my full name in Arabic, Ismail Rahim Muhammad. Ismail means God hears; Rahim means The Merciful; and Muhammad means One worthy of praise. A good name is more valuable than gold. The meaning of my name is something I will have to try and live up to.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Good and Evil

Perception is a funny thing. Depending on what point of view an individual has they can easily justify, to themselves, any action taken. I contemplated the views of what society defines as good and evil, and came to the conclusion that evil can mean good to people. I will try to explain my idea in a general sense, since the definition of good and evil is too broad.

Our civilization projects the meaning of good generally through religion. Anything that is done in oppostion to good is called evil. Imagine a child being raised only knowing good, someone who is honest, moral, sinless, upright, and virtuous. You know, all that good stuff. This individual sees evil being done and looks down on it, because it is not good. Their perception is coming from a totally "good" point of view.

Now take a child grown through evil, an individual society perceives as sinful, immoral, or just plain bad. Since good is in opposition to evil the child perceives what we define as good as evil. The child's nature is evil, so what is evil to us is natural for him. In his mind evil is good, therefore making what is good equivalent to evil from his point of view.

Obviously, there is no such thing as a purely evil or purely good person. We either lean towards one or the other, but we all possess both the ability to do good and evil. However, knowing the perception another has when representing evil brings understanding to their actions. They become blinded in evil against good, and justify their actions. Take for example an individual covering up an unjustified crime. Through that individual's point of view he is doing good by hiding his actions to not suffer the consequences. More simply, take a villain from a comic book that's trying to take over the world. In their minds their evils are justified as long as they accomplish the goal of taking everything over. If they do accomplish this goal they reap the benefits, which is good.

My point is not necessarily in the topics of good and evil, but in perception. Our perceptions are a result of the point of views taken since early childhood, and no child is raised the same. Everyone sees the world in their own way. Being aware of other existing perceptions can bring insight into people's way of thinking. Trying to understand these ways of thinking is another ball game, leading to the complexities of the human psyche. It's funny how we all learn to see differently.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Millions More Movement at Purdue?

The following is a letter I tried to send a couple of Black organizations at Purdue to help support the Millions More Movement. I was hoping to try and create awareness of the event here at Purdue. I wanted Blacks and Latinos to be aware of a movement going on that would benefit all of our people.

My name is Ismail Muhammad. I am a student at Purdue majoring in civil engineering. I acquired these email addresses from the Minority Engineering Program (MEP) office to ask about having a representative for the Millions More Movement to come down to Purdue and talk about the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March. I am currently trying to contact the representative from Indianapolis. I am new at all this and would really like for Blacks and Latinos not only at Purdue but in the Lafayette area to hear about this incredible event. If you all would like more information, please visit, and take the time to read the VisionStatement of the Millions More Movement.

This is about uniting our people, the so-called negro of America. I know this is something all Blacks should be apart of and should try to promote. This is something all Black and Latino organizations on campus should promote. We as students are here to become the learned of our people and should be working together to bring about a movement for change in our communities. I have been told that last year 750 billion dollars flowed through the Black communities here in America. That makes us, I believe, the 13th or 14th richest nation on the earth. The problem is the money doesn't stay in our communities, because there is nothing that we own. And if we did own something we would trust other businesses more than our own.

These are only a couple of topics that this Movement is about. Black leaders are coming together for us this time. Let us support our own, and help ourselves. Please reply to this email as soon as possible because I am very anxious to get started with something. I will continue making contact with the local representatives. Thank you. And please help me by sending this email to whom ever it needs to be sent to make this become a reality here at Purdue.

-Ismail Muhammad

After a few weeks I got an answer from the president of one organization. He as an individual was interested, but he said he didn't think the organization could help in my endeavor. I could not understand why I only got a response from one organization. This was something good that would benefit us.

I learned later that my perception was a very optimistic one, for many organizations perceived differently. I was watching an interview with a representative of the National Black Caucus on CNN where the representative downplayed the Millions More Movement. I was awestruke, the reason was the National Black Caucus being one of the organizations I sent the email to. From my understanding the National Black Caucus has a lot of "pull" among all of the Black organizations at Purdue. If they weren't behind the ideas of the Movement, then surely many other organizations were to follow suit.

I met with a representative of the Black Cultural Center and explained what I was trying to accomplish. She offered some words of advice, and encouraged me to not loose sight. I was still in my optimistic stage so I didn't realize that those were later to be words of motivation. Of course, I left out of there feeling like I got the run around.

My only success out of trying to bring the ideas of the Millions More Movement to Purdue came from one of my first semester teachers. She agreed to put up a link on her program's website directing visitors to the Millions More Movement website. I was very appreciative, and still am, for that minimal success because after being at a standstill for so long I made it to a crawl.

The movement created in me to crawl soon came to a halt when I found out the link had to be taken down. I was told much opposition was confronted in putting the link up. Many reasons were given to the program's office on why they were forced to take the link down, but in my opinion it was plain BS.

I laugh now because I can look back and see how new I was to the system, kind of like a boy meets world type of situation. I know now how to plan ahead. It was a learning experience that I don't regret. I know the good that I was trying to invoke, whether it was taken means no difference to me. I know what I stand for, and because of this experience I now truly see what many don't stand for.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Mexico is such a beautiful country, and the people make it all the better. Having spent a substantial amount of time in both the U.S. and Mexico I have come to notice the strong cultural differences. The people here in the U.S. seem to be so serious, especially when it comes to the adults. If someone doesn't know you here then it stays like that. The majority, I would have to say 90%, of the people here in the states wont take the time to get to know a stranger. I'm not talking about somebody just right off the street, but strangers within the workplace or at school.

When I went to school in Mexico I knew no one, but the people there had no problem coming up to me. They were interested in who I was and what I was all about. I had made friends with almost everyone in my grade within the first couple of weeks. At school in the U.S. it took me a much longer time to get friends. I had to take the initiative to go up to people and find out what they were about, and even when I did people would immediately be hesitant to speak. After I broke the ice then everyone would be cool and more relaxed. I don't know what it is about Americans, they just seem to be so serious.

Latinos are very family based and you can be family without being biologically related. I have many uncles, aunties, and cousins who aren't really my family. The social environment in Mexico is so laid back. Friends will go see friends at whatever time and without you even knowing that they were coming to see you. All of a sudden you'd get a knock at the door and its a friend of yours ready to go to some party you haven't heard of. Here in the U.S. there are many formalities even amongst friends and family. Here its every once in a blue moon a friend will just pop up uninvited. It's not a bad thing, it's just a difference between the two cultures.

I miss Mexico. I realize now that I don't just miss the country itself but I miss the people. The atmosphere created amongst friends and family is a beautiful thing. The poeple here in Gringolandia just don't do it for me like my brethren from across the border.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


The word stereotype is made up of stereo and type, with stereo meaning two or more channels. When my English teacher broke down that word for us in class it compelled me to think on how stereotypes are created. A stereotype is like a popular label or description of something that might not necessarily be true. It all depends on your perspective, or the channels that you have been exposed to. A stereotype is just a type of perspective.

I thought of these channels as being the information that we know by what we have been exposed to since early childhood. There is nothing new under the sun, so everything that we know or perceive has to come from somewhere. When we come up with our own thoughts on a certain subject they are built upon a previous knowledge. When it comes to stereotypes they are usually taken from word of mouth. If as a child my mother told me all birds could fly, then I would believe it. Though the truth is not all birds can fly, like penguins.

It seems like stereotypes are mostly passed down from person to person. Since stereotypes had to be created from some previous knowledge I would like to take stereotypes and break them down to see where people are coming from. We all perceive things differently and that is something to take into account when communicating to people. On the same token it is ignorant for us to not correct misperceptions of our own.

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Monday, November 28, 2005


A couple of weeks ago I created a post entitled "Pleasures of the Flesh, not the Mind." The word flesh has multiple definitions, and one of them is the physical or carnal nature of mankind. I defined sex, drugs, and alcohol as some pleasures of the flesh, focusing on the nature of mankind indulging in them. These pleasures are physical, and therefore, relate to the body. My intention was not to relate flesh directly to the body. My idea involved the body as being the avenue by which these pleasures are partaken.

I agree in an intelligence arising from the body, but the pleasures of the flesh that I defined interfere with this intelligence. There is no doubt that these pleasures have a negative effect on the mind, but they can create worst effects in the body. Alcohol and drugs have obvious effects, but sex can be greatly ellaborated on. I presently will not go into detail on my thoughts, but the pleasure of sex reduces the mind set of the human being to solely the physical through lust. My definition of the pleasure of sex should not be taken as the act of making love, where two persons not only have an attraction for one another's physical but mental attributes as well. Hopefully this clarifies my previous thoughts a little better.

Continuous exposure to these pleasures of the flesh reduce the human being to their carnal nature where the only focus is put on satisfying the physical attractions to those pleasures. We are the wisest of all the creatures put on this earth, and our physical bodies are the most complex. When we focus on the pleasures of the flesh we reduce our quality as human beings. Our bodies and minds are the best, and deserve to be treated as the best.

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